Opengear Lighthouse Overview

Building on Opengear’s Data Center and Remote Site Management appliances, Lighthouse Centralized Management provides a single point of management of your Opengear appliances and connected devices. By seamlessly converging all management network connections — via primary management LAN, 3G or 4G LTE failover or dial-out out-of-band — Lighthouse takes the complexity out of managing distributed network, power and IT infrastructure, to reduce MTTR and minimize the impact of faults and failure. With Lighthouse, best-practice security is maintained even during remote network outages, with strong encryption, audit-trail logging and resilient pass-through central authentication.

  • Consolidated access to critical infrastructure scattered across tens or thousands of racks or remote sites
  • Seamless access to failed or firewalled remote networks, turnkey high availability
  • Reach management consoles without in-depth knowledge of network topology or operational state
  • Best-practice security made simple, all management sessions are logged, authenticated and encrypted
  • Intuitive interface built for your existing tools and workflow, use your preferred SSH client or HTTPS browser
  • Centralized dial-out capabilities for streamlined access to remote sites


For example, you can manage all the Opengear Resilience Gateway devices in one control panel.