Call Recording

Press *1 to record a conversation taking place on your extension.

Press *0 to record a conference taking place on your extension.


Extension Virtualization

Press *30 to virtualize your extension.


Call Pickup|Parking|Transfer


Phone Code


*21 To pick up any call ringing the organization.
*21 TARGET_NUMBER To pick up a call from any extension. 
*21 PARTIAL_NUMBER To pick up a call ringing a specific extension.
*66 To dial back the last missed call.
*85 To place calls anonymously.
*65 To deactivate the ‘unknown caller’ function.


Phone Code


#2 To send an answered call to the parking lot.
*221 To unpark the first call found in the parking lot.
*225 To unpark a specific call among several others in the parking lot.
*229 To unpark the last call in the parking lot.



Phone Code
#1 FORWARD_NUMBER To transfer the interlocutor to another extension.
*2 FORWARD_NUMBER To put the caller on hold and transfer the call to another extension.


Call Waiting

Press *71 to activate the Call Waiting option.

Press *70 to deactivate the Call Waiting option.



Phone Code
*95 To manage voicemail messages.
*950 To enable/disable the voicemail on your extension. 
*95 EXTENSION_NUMBER To make a direct call to an extension’s voicemail.
#3 EXTENSION_NUMBER To transfer an active call to another extension’s voicemail.