Amernet VDI – Take the Desktop off the Desktop

Amernet VDI cloud-based desktop or desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides IT administrators with a cost-effective, scalable way to provide users with a secure high performance computing experience.

Amernet VDI incorporates PCoIP technology from Teradici. The PCoIP protocol compresses, encrypts, and encodes the users’ desktop computing experience and transmits pixels only across any standard IP network to users’ PCoIP Zero Clients, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices.


PCoIP Technology Explained: What is PC Over IP?

PCoIP, also known as “PC over IP”, is a high performance display protocol purpose-built to deliver virtual desktops and to provide end users with the best, total rich desktop experience regardless of task or location. With PCoIP, the entire computing experience is compressed, encrypted and encoded in the datacenter before being transmitted across a standard IP network to PCoIP-enabled endpoint devices.

Unlike legacy display protocols, which were built to deliver applications, PC over IP was built from the ground up with desktop delivery in mind. Highly tuned with adaptive technologies, it ensures the best user experience regardless of end-user location on the LAN or across the WAN.