SIP Trunking Overview

SIP Trunking is the best and most common method for connecting your IP-enabled PBX to the public telephone system via your broadband connection, eliminating the need for traditional phone service.

Amernet SIP Trunking has enabled businesses of all sizes to save compared to a traditional ISDN-PRI or analog phone lines. We ensure optimal performance by closely managing our voice-optimized network for exceptional reliability, availability, security, and quality of service.

Advantages of Amernet SIP Trunking include:

  • Compatible with the large majority of IP PBXs. See our extensive list of IP PBX Manufacturers.
  • Compatible with any TDM-based PBX or legacy CPE phone system using an Integrated Access Device (IAD).
  • Minimize long distance costs with your choice of either the Unlimited Long Distance or Unlimited Local with Long Distance Minute Bundles Calling Plans.
  • Low international calling rates.
  • Business Continuity. Ensure call completion in the event of an outage on your network.
  • Call Bursting. The ability to utilize additional call sessions above your purchased amount for peak call times.
  • Security. Lock down your registration to a specific IP address to prevent fraud by disallowing registration from other locations.
  • SIP demo program. We can set you up in minutes and you can test our service for free.
  • Network-based redundancy. Provides failover should an outage occur on our network. We utilize DNS-based SIP Trunk registration giving you guaranteed redundancy.
  • Customize your service with add-on features such as automatic fail-over, enhanced DID with 911 service,  extra toll-free numbers, and call bursting.
  • Choice of standard G.711 or compressed G.729A codec.



By using the out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Lync, you will benefit from our cutting-edge PBX functionality without changing devices. Lync has access to the telephony network under well-established security policy, rules, and limits while taking advantage of Amernet’s advanced call routing.