How hosted telephony can work for small businesses

  One of the big advantages small businesses have over their larger, more established competitors is their agility. They can change strategy and direction quickly, where a larger organisation might need months of planning and endless meetings before they can change course. A useful business tool to support this agility is a hosted phone system. […]

Dealing with Devices

  Dealing with Devices As people move out to the new building, if they have a desktop, it will be swapped out for a laptop. “Once we get completely moved, there’s going to be at least 1,200 people, which means there’s going to be at least 1,200 laptops,” said Henderson. What about other devices? “Our […]

Richland County likely must replace phone system soon

Richland County commissioners will have another major equipment purchase after they are done upgrading radio communications for the sheriff’s office. Commissioners received a heads-up Thursday that they are going to have to replace the telephones in 17 county offices, probably in the next year or two. Its been the bestselling rollerball pen in […]

US bank customers targeted with vishing messages

  Customers of a number of US banks have recently been hit by Voice over IP phishing (vishing) attacks orchestrated by eastern European cyber crooks, warns John LaCour, founder and CEO of PhishLabs. “While not as prevalent as online phishing and crimeware attacks, vishing attacks are often run by professional crews. These crews use vishing […]

Hosted PBX: Mobile workers and VOIP

  Mobility and Flexibility – One of the features of a hosted PBX is “Mobility Extension” providing consistency and flexibility for “out-of-office” workers. Previously workers leaving the office could forward their office phone to their mobile but that was the limit of the functionality. But once away from their desk, it was not possible to […]

Asymmetric Ethernet (AEoC) – More speed. More quality. More affordable?

More speed. More quality. And yes, more affordable. Asymmetric Ethernet is a true business-class solution, designed to provide stability and peace of mind for customers with different bandwidth needs but who require business-class service. Asymmetric Ethernet is built for performance, offering class of service (CoS) as well as lower latency and packet loss. In other words, Asymmetric Ethernet delivers the performance […]