Mobility and Flexibility – One of the features of a hosted PBX is “Mobility Extension” providing consistency and flexibility for “out-of-office” workers.

Previously workers leaving the office could forward their office phone to their mobile but that was the limit of the functionality. But once away from their desk, it was not possible to then forward a call to another extension, have a call go to a single voicemail or use the office operator.

Now “road warriors” need more flexibility and functionality to perform their jobs successfully, their communications and connectivity expectations are far greater than in the past. The answer is in the “cloud”. A hosted PBX gives mobile workers the mobility they need and the ability to utilise their mobile devices whenever and wherever. The number of mobile devices being used has also increased and all devices can now communicate. All a user needs in order to connect is a Wi-Fi signal. When road warriors hit the road, they take all their business communications features with them on their mobile devices, so there are less missed calls, hastily written messages, and no telephone tag.